Wooden Sunburst Clock

I’ve always wanted to make my own clock, but could never decide what I wanted my clock to look like. Recently, while I was at the craft store I was suddenly struck with inspiration. I found some wooden discs and a clock motor set that I liked and decided I wanted my clock to have a sunburst design with natural wooden pieces and black dowels holding out the numbers. I had no intention of buying anything at the store that day, but I ended up with all the parts to make my clock and put most of it together when I got home later that day.

I drilled a hole in the center of a large wooden disc to fit the clock motor will through. Then I drilled twelve smaller evenly placed around the outside edge of the wooden disc, and a single hole in twelve small wooden discs. These holes are just big enough to fit wooden dowels in.

I dipped the ends of each dowel in wood glue before inserting them into the drilled holes. Since my dowels were natural wood like the discs, I painted them black to add some contrast. Once the paint dried, I attached the clock motor and clock hands into the center of the clock, making sure the to[ of the clock motor, which has a hole for hanging, was lined up with one of the dowels.

All that is missing at this point is the numbers. I had originally planned on attaching numbers that I had bought, but my set was missing a number, so I painted the numbers on instead.