Tea Box

Every time I go to the store I stop by the tea section and see if there’s anything new or really just anything I don’t have at home that I would like to have at home. And I buy it. There’s really no limit to the number of types of teas I own. And it’s gotten a little out of hand recently. We have a shelf in our cabinet dedicated entirely to tea and, every time we need to search for a certain flavor, it always ends up a mess. I was recently tasked with organizing the mess, and my best solution so far was to just build an organizer that would fit on the counter, taking up less space, and organize the teas so we can easily find whatever it is we are looking for.


I measured and cut up some basswood sheets to make an open-top box with two dividers. Three sections to keep all my tea organized in. Then I painted all the pieces white. Once the paint was dried, I used wood glue to attach them all together.

Once the glue was dry, I used a nail to create holes in the front piece. Removing the nail, I used the holes to slip brads through for some label holders I had. I cut pieces of paper to fit into the labels, writing a type of tea on each one.


Although this size box can comfortably fit 6 full packages of teas, I still had more left over. I kept an empty glass candle jar as a fourth container. I now have organized containers for black, white, herbal, and green teas and a few loose leaf teas that I had to keep in their original tins, freeing up a lot of space in the cabinet and making it much easier to find the tea we’re looking for. Now if I can just limit my tea purchases to what fits inside this organization system…