Wine Bottle Decor

I forget where I first saw this idea, but I really liked it. It is a simple way to use an empty wine bottle for decoration. Some wine bottles have nice designs on them already and those may not be the best for this project as they will be painted over. I picked a bottle with a shape I liked and a label I didn’t mind covering up.

I rinse out the bottle so it wouldn’t smell, then cleaned the outside of the bottle to help the paint stick to it. Once the bottle was dried, I used a glue gun to write ‘love’ and draw a heart on the front of the bottle. After the glue dried, I painted the entire bottle green.

The paint dried, and the raised glue left the lettering and heart still visible while the rest of the label was entirely covered up by the paint. I used the bottle to collect little things I’ve collected over the years like a little time capsule.