Herb Garden Signs

I used to grow vegetables when I was little. Mostly cherry tomatoes, but I tried some other vegetables here and there too. I tried growing tomatoes again a few years ago, but it’s not so easy to do in an apartment with no yard. So I switched to herbs. They’re a lot easier to grow in a pot. This year, I decided to start my herb garden fresh by planting seeds and making little labels for them to tell them apart until they grow.

I typed out the words and changed the font in a word document to figure out what I wanted them to look like. Then I copied them by hand onto a piece of card stock and cut each word out. I cut off one end of a toothpick for each sign so the top would not be so pointy. Using a glue stick, I glued the cut end of a toothpick to the back of one of the signs.

Once the glue was dry, I put the signs into the pots of newly planted seeds. I also planted flower seeds in the metal bucket, but I didn’t think they needed a sign. The thyme and basil have already started sprouting, they wasted no time coming out. I’m excited to watch them all sprout and grow.