Dinosaur Chocolates

A little while ago I found these adorable silicon molds at a craft store. I almost got the robot ones, but the dinosaurs were adorable and I got those instead. I decided to use them to make dinosaur chocolates. Nothing fancy, just plain chocolates. Although I may make some other kinds of chocolates with them later on.

I set up a double boiler on the stove using one pot half full with water and a curved pot sat on top of the first one. When the water was boiling, I added some pieces of chocolate to the curved pot. using a spatula to stir the chocolate until it was just melted.

Off of the double boiler, I added a couple more pieces of chocolate to temper it, mixing in the extra chocolate until they were fully melted.

I pour the chocolate into the mold, transferring it into a glass measure first because it has a little spout and made pouring the chocolate into the small molds a lot easier.

I wanted the back sides to be flat so I used my spatula to smooth out the chocolate I had filled in the molds with. It looks pretty messy, but once it sets and the chocolates come out they’re nice and flat on the backs and look more finished.

It was hot out when I made these, so I ended up putting them in the fridge for a bit to help them set faster.

When the chocolates are set, they can easily be removed from the silicon mold by pushing the individual sections to invert them, forcing each chocolate out.

 Adorable little chocolate dinosaurs.