Romeo and/or Juliet by Ryan North

Romeo and/or Juliet
by Ryan North

Romeo and Juliet, in choose your own adventure form.

I feel a bit weird saying I read this, because there are so many possibilities for how the story could play out and what ending you will get, but I did read it. At least, I read one of the possible stories contained in this book. The writing was wonderful and humorous, making light of some of the outdated behaviors in the original Romeo and Juliet. I discovered this completely unintentionally while seeing if we had any choose-your-own-adventure books at work and found that this was the only one. I read it as Juliet, never met Romeo, and disobeyed my parents by getting drunk and driving away all of the potential arranged marriages they organized for me. Eventually, I met my future husband on my own, then we married and fought a lion together. Way better than the original.