Painting Around the Edges

I’ve been doing a bunch of DIYs and re-organizing at home. Along with that, I’ve also been switching around the art on the walls. We’ve always had a variety of art hanging on our walls, a lot of it made by us or people we know, along with some vintage things. I never moved any of it when I re-arranged all the furniture a while ago, and the placing wasn’t looking great with the new layout of the room.

I took down a bunch of paintings that I just wasn’t into anymore and moved around the ones that were left. The living space was looking much better, but the bedroom needed a change as well.


I made this new painting to replace the one that was hanging over our bed.


An easy way to make a painting on a canvas look more polished without investing in a frame for it is to paint the edges. This works for canvas with stretcher bars, not so much for panels.

When I finished my painting, I used the leftover dark gray I had mixed and painted around the outside edges of my canvas to give it a cleaner look. There’s nothing wrong with leaving the edges unpainted, or extending the painting around the edges, but this can be a nice, easy way to finish off a painting and give it the look of having a thin frame without actually having to frame it.