The Idea | Behind the Story

Every story begins with an idea. Sometimes it takes all your attention immediately, sometimes it sits patiently on your list of shiny new ideas until you look at it again and realize it’s still shiny. Either way, it started out as an idea.

During my latest revision project, I found I had a lot of prep work to do before I started on the second draft. There was a lot of planning and development that I needed to do to make the characters and the world feel more believable, not to mention the work the plot needed. Even if the readers don’t get to know every little detail, and they really don’t need to knew every little detail, I knew having more insight into my characters and the world they live in would make it easier to write a relatable, immersive story. I was also beginning to think about the story I was going to be completely overhauling for NaNoWriMo. That one was also going to take a lot of planning if I wanted to avoid a complete disaster of a revision process.

With all of this planning to be done, I decided to compile what I already knew about story prep and outlining, and all stuff that goes on behind the scenes of a story, and build on it a bit. Every week from now until the end of October, I’m going to be sharing a bit of what I’ve learned. Hopefully it will be helpful, it’s helping me.

So, get your idea ready, we’ve got a lot of prep to do.