Plant Stand

I’ve always loved having houseplants, but I’ve never had a good place to keep them, especially the larger ones. I used to have a small table for the small-ish ones, and the larger ones on the floor, but our space isn’t very big and the extra furniture made the room look cluttered. Keeping the pots on the floor seemed fine, but water tends to gather underneath, which is bad for the plants and for the floor. Plant stands can get expensive, and, beside the price, I had trouble finding one I liked. So I made one.


I used 4 wooden dowels, measuring .5″ x .5″ x 36″. I cut 1 of the dowels into 3 pieces, measuring 12″ for each piece. Then, I arranged all the dowels into a grid with the long dowels evenly placed on top of the cut dowels. The gaps allow air to flow underneath the pots, keeping them from gather moisture. I put a nail in each spot where the dowels overlapped to secure them.


This worked for a plant stand with the pots I had after I re-potted some of my smaller plants, reducing the number of pots I was keeping. Since I changed the materials I was planning on using to narrower dowels, the spacing between the long dowels was wider than I had planned on, and it just didn’t look finished to me. I could have solved this by placing two more dowels, one in between each of the long dowels, to fill in the gap a bit.


Instead, I decided to work with what I had already built. Since I used nails to attach the dowels, I could rotate the dowels easily and compress the whole stand on an angle, giving me a new, narrower shape.


Doing this closed the gaps a bit, letting me arrange my plants in a row, rather than staggered, while still leaving a decent spacing for air, and it takes up even less space. It looks a lot neater, and more open, having all my plants on one stand that doesn’t take up much space, rather than how cluttered it was having half on the floor and half on a table.