The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

The Name of the Wind
by Patrick Rothfuss

Kvothe, living as an innkeeper under the alias of Kote, agrees to tell his story to Chronicler over the course of three days. This covers day one.

I was trying to summarize this book to my friend, and it’s really difficult. There isn’t one apparent plot tying everything together, other than it’s the story of Kvothe’s life. We don’t really get to know why Kvothe is known, or the reason he started living as Kote. The story covers one day in the present, but years of the past. There are a lot of things that seem unimportant on their own, but they all make sense and matter when put together. The characters and the world are well developed, and the story is interesting. It doesn’t really feel complete, but that’s because it’s only the beginning of the story. There are still two whole days left. Looking forward to continuing with the second book.