Replica by Lauren Oliver

by Lauren Oliver

Lyra lives at Haven. Gemma finds out her father has ties to Haven and goes looking for answers. Their stories are connected, but told separately. They can be read one after another, or together by alternating chapters.

I listened to the audio book of this, which tells Lyra’s story first, then Gemma’s. I think it would have been better to read them together, rather than separately. I found Lyra’s story more interesting than Gemma’s, and I think part of that was knowing some of the things that were going to happen in Gemma’s story since the two overlap. Also, knowing how Lyra’s story ended made it pretty obvious how Gemma’s would end. Overall, I liked the idea of having two stories that are separate but related, and the secret facility of Haven was interesting, but I think the book as a whole was rather underwhelming.