Shadow Dragon Mini

I got a dragon mini at PAX again, and I finally painted it.


This time, I got the shadow dragon. I wanted it to be dark, but not completely black. I also wanted it to look like it could reflect some light as it slinks around in the shadows.

I used a mixture of blue and black to get the body color, with some silver highlights. I used a brighter combination of the blue and black for the inside of the wings. The claws, horns, mouth, and spines are black. The teeth and eyes are silver. And I mixed a gray for the rocky base.

He’s a contrast to my lightly colored Silver Dragon, and I’m really pleased with how this one turned out.

Paints used:
Privateer Press’ Formula P3 in Morrow White, Thamar Black, and Meredius Blue
Citadel Shade in Nuln Oil
Citadel Layer in Ironbreaker