Dwarf Barbarian Minis

When we last went to PAX, it was the beginning of the Worldbuilders end-of-year fundraiser. Worldbuilders is a nonprofit that raises money for a variety of charities. You can check them out here if you’re interested.

Supporters of Worldbuilders provide books, games, art, and a multitude of other geeky items that are raffled off to donors when the fundraiser ends.


I chose to enter the raffles when I donated, not really expecting  to get anything, and a couple months later I received these two dwarf barbarian ladies in the mail. What an exciting surprise to come home to!


They’re so little, and they have such teeny tiny details. I painted them simultaneously, doing one color at a time and letting that dry before moving on to keep the colors from bleeding into one another. I also mixed a few color to make grays and different brown shades as well as the skin tone for one of them.


I had to touch up bits here and there as I went too, especially on the eyes. Then I glued them to the bases, deciding not to add terrain to them. I may eventually, but I mostly just attached them so they would be more stable.

Paints used:
Privateer Press’ Formula P3 in Morrow White, Thamar Black, Bloodtracker Brown, Rucksack Tan, and Meredius Blue
Citadel Layer in Ironbreaker and Loren Forest
Citadel Air in Kislev Flesh
Citadel Shade in Nuln Oil

Brushes used:
Games & Gears’ Legends Kolinsky 00-0000