My approach to house plants is generally: buy a plant I like and try to figure out how to care for it as we go. I’ve learned a lot, but I’ve also lost a lot of plants along the way.

We made terrariums quite some time ago. Then, gradually, all of the plants in them died, except for one and he was always my favorite anyway. He lives in a new pot now, but I kept one of the jars we used, and finally decided to give a terrarium another try.


I put some rocks in the bottom to help with drainage and added potting soil on top. Last time, we put a layer of charcoal between the rocks and the soil, but I forgot about that when I was at the store, so I just skipped it. I got 2 small plants from my local plant store and carefully positioned and planted them using chopsticks.

They’re so cute and happy looking and I hope I figure out how to take care of these ones.