Hemmed Pants

I recently realized that one of my pairs of pants is a bit too short. Then I realized another one of my pants is a bit too long. So, I fixed them by making them both shorter.

I know it sounds silly to make pants that are already too short even shorter, but I figured it’s summer and if I make them intentionally cropped, rather than just a tad too short, they’d look better and feel better in this heat.

I grew up sewing, so this was an easy fix for me. For the less needle-and-thread savvy, this is something a tailor can do pretty quickly and quite cheaply.

All I did was trim some of the excess fabric off the bottom of each pant leg. Then, I folded the newly trimmed ends in twice, so the raw edge was completely hidden away to prevent fraying, and pinned the folds in place. With the right color thread and some adjustments to my sewing machine’s stitch settings, I sewed straight along the folded fabric, removing the pins as I went, to create a new hem.

And that’s it. Now I have a pair of cropped jeans and a pair of jeans that won’t be filthy and ruined from dragging on the ground all the time.