Asteroid Made of Dragons by G. Derek Adams

Asteroid Made of Dragons
by G. Derek Adams

The third book in the Spell/Sword series. Xenon discovers something terrible, and our heroes have to deal with it and everything else.

My library had this book, but not the previous 2 from the series. You really don’t need to read them in order to enjoy them, they each stand on their own quite well, but I wanted to. So I bought the first one, enjoyed it quite a lot, bought the second one, enjoyed it too, and then forgot that I didn’t have to buy this one because my library had it, but I’m glad I did because it can’t be bought anymore.

Anyway. This book continues Jonas and Rime’s journey, introduces some new characters, and there is actually an asteroid made of dragons. I enjoyed it, and, while there is currently no 4th book, when there is, I’m here for it.