Women’s wallets are generally quite large. I’m not really into that. Especially since I don’t ever carry a large purse. I’ve mostly only used them as a clutch/wristlet type of situation to hold my phone, keys, and actual, reasonably sized wallet when I’m not using my purse or, more often, my backpack.

My previous wallet, which I had already deconstructed a bit into a simple wristlet, was getting a bit worn down. Rather than trying to find another one, or deconstructing yet another wallet, I decided to just make one. I’ve done it in the past and it worked out well for all my non-wallet wallet needs.

I found a black fabric with a simple pattern that just so happened to perfectly match the adorable dinosaur fabric I found for the interior. I got a blue zipper to match and re-purposed the metal rings that made up the strap of my old wallet into a new strap using the new outer fabric.

I made the interior first, stitching it so that it would have a divider in the middle so I could have two pockets when it opened, creating some organization and protecting my phone screen from my keys. Then I made the exterior and attached them together with the addition of the zipper. I hand-stitched the corners at either end of the zipper after turning it right-side-out to finish it up.

The strap is just some of the outer fabric stitched into a long strip and woven through the rings . The clip that attaches them to the pouch was also re-purposed, and I hand-stitched the fabric I sewed to the clip into the seam of the pouch to keep it attached.

It’s been a while since I’ve made anything like this, so it took some figuring out as I went because I don’t usually use patterns, hence the lack of progress pictures. I do really like making things like this though because I end up with exactly what I was looking for without spending time searching a bunch of shops, and it only cost me $6 for a few hours’ work and fabric to spare.