Back when we had almost no furniture, my brother built us a couple chairs to use at our borrowed kitchen table. He built them, got the paint we picked out, and gave them to me with the seats unattached. The plan was that I would paint them and upholster the seats before attaching them. I painted them and [insert excuse about time] attached the seats un-upholstered. So my brother got us seat cushions.

A few years passed, and this situation served us just fine. Then, I bought a dining set. Our own table with a built-in leaf and four matching chairs. A purchase I saved up for and am still quite pleased with. At this point, my plan was to re-paint the red chairs, which we hoped the original paint would be more brown than it turned out (don’t pick your paint online, get paint chips, or samples), to be actually brown and better match the other chairs we now had.

Then, a relative needed chairs, and we didn’t really need six dining chairs at the time, so we lent them out instead.

A couple years later, the chairs have found their way back to us, my cat has claimed one of them as her own, and we use all of them when our friends come over. Time to paint the chairs. I got the closest color paint I could to the other chairs, which are stained, (this time I used a lot of paint chips) sanded them down, and applied 2 coats of paint to each chair.

A few hours, a near-disaster, a pair of newly-paint-stained pants, and a couple emotional breakdowns later, the chairs are finally brown like we always intended.

We’re still using the cushions my brother got us until I figure out how I want to upholster them and what I’m going to do with the cushions once I do.