I made two new clocks. I wanted to remake the clock I made a few years ago, and I had an idea for a new clock as well. I’m pleased with how they both turned out.

The sunburst clock I made a while back had gotten a bit…saggy, over time. So, I planned to remake it with properly sized holes to prevent any future sagging. I got a new bit of wood, drilled a hole through the center, and, as I started adding the sunbursts, I realized it looked a lot better without them. So, instead, I shortened the clock hands to make a simple, little clock. I like the simplicity of it a lot more than re-doing the sunburst design of the original.

I also had a wooden platter than a friend gave to me as the base for a cheese board with an assortment of snacks. I planned using it to make a bar cart and went back and forth on some designs, never committing to anything. Then, I thought the metal hardware made it look a lot like a giant pocket watch. So, I got a new clock mechanism, drilled a hole through the center of the board, painted on some Roman numerals, and made another clock.

Now we have two very different wooden clocks that I like quite a lot.