Sometimes when you finish a story, you want there to be more. But sometimes too much of a good thing isn’t really that good. So, how do you know if your story should be a series?

I guess the answer is, you just know. But also, sometimes you don’t?

A series as a whole should tell a complete story when it’s all put together. But the books should also be able to stand alone as their own complete stories. The individual books are basically stories within the big story that all come together to make a single story.

Unless you’re writing one of those stories where the books don’t need to be read in order, they just all have the same characters or are set in the same world. But even those should tell something larger when they’re read chronologically, in my opinion.

So. if your story feels too big for itself, and there’s a clear place where you can split the story without making anything feel incomplete, you may be better off with a series. If your series feels like a lot of little stories that all work together but don’t support themselves alone, you may be writing a series that shouldn’t be a series.

I like a good series, but I don’t like when things are drawn out for the sake of publishing another book.

Have you ever written a series?