It’s always exciting when your favorite book is turned into a movie or a television series. More people get to experience the story you already love, and more people are likely to pick up the book. But which one’s better? And do you really need to finish the book before you see the movie?

The version on the screen doesn’t always stay true to what the author put in the book. And a lot of that is because some things just don’t work as well on a screen as they do on a page, or vice versa. And sometimes the film version works out some of the kinks that may have existed in the book version. So, they can both be good. The film might seem terrible because it didn’t live up to how you imagined the story. The film might be better because the book had a good concept but didn’t deliver what it promised.

I always try to read the book before I watch the adaptation, unless I have no interest in reading the book at all. The adaptation is how someone else envisioned the story. How they imagined the characters, and the settings, and the scenes. Once you already have that visual in your head, it’s hard to picture the story you’re reading any other way. And since the two don’t always match up perfectly, it risks ruining the whole experience of reading a book and imagining it all playing out based solely on how the author wrote it.

Do you always read the book before you’ll watch the movie?