What’s in a Name?

I don’t like picking names. I overthink it. It takes me forever.

It just feels so permanent. And significant. And it matters to me, too much.

Almost every name I pick, whether it’s a character or a place, has a meaning and a well thought out origin, down to the spelling. But, if you asked me what a particular name means, it’s highly unlikely that I would be able to tell you. Because I don’t remember. So, why do I bother putting so much thought into it? I have no idea.

If you look up one of my character’s names, you’ll probably learn something about their personality, or their role. But also, if you don’t, you won’t be missing anything important.

I wish I could just pick a name I like the sound of and move on with the story and the important stuff. Once in a while I do, but not usually. I like knowing that the names have a bigger purpose than just being a name.

How do you pick names? Do you overthink it like me? Or are you more sensible and just pick ones you like?


2 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. Yep. Overthink. My WIP (which isn’t even officially a story yet) main character’s name has changed three? times: Nadine. Naomi. Nami. But, like you, I research to see what the names mean. Best to you!

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