T-shirt Pillowcase

My brother had this shirt. Bright blue, ladies cut. Fit him, but it was snug. Not his usual look. We’re not entirely sure why he got it, but we have pictures of him in it and it felt too silly to get rid of, but also no one else we know would actually wear it. So, I made it into a pillowcase.

I took the t-shirt apart, separating the front and back, by ripping the seams. Then I pinned them back together in pillowcase formation, using the measurements of the pillow insert I had. The front of the pillowcase is a 12″ x 12″ square around the full cat image from the front of the shirt. The back of the pillowcase is a 12″ x 12″ square made up of two overlapping pieces. For this, I used the bottom parts of both the front and back of the shirt. This way, I could make use of the existing hems and create an opening so the pillowcase could be removed.

Making it a removable pillowcase, rather than permanent pillow fabric, means it can be washed in case anything spills on it. Unlike a pillow that can only be spot cleaned and likely ruined if it takes a spill. Making it removable in this particular way also meant I didn’t need to get a zipper, or install one.

It was a silly shirt, and it’s still silly as a pillow, but at least it’s not hidden away in a drawer.