Down the River Road by Mabel O’Donnell

Down the River Road
by Mabel O’Donnell

Part of a series designed to teach children how to read, this book is intended for second graders. The stories follow a boy named Jack as he befriends a donkey, goes fishing, and buys a baseball suit

Since I’m a little above the second grade reading level, I feel weird about rating this book, so I’m not going to. This is the only book I have from the series, published in the 1930’s, but I imagine this would be great if you’re teaching a child how to read. The series was written for that purpose, after all. The stories are short and simple. The series as a whole introduces new words slowly from book to book, using a lot of word repetition as you go. They’re not picture books, but they are illustrated, which is nice.

So, great for learning how to read. Maybe not the best as an adult who reads a lot.