Googly-Eyed Birds

Some time ago, there was a period when googly-eyes would keep appearing on things at work. No one could figure out where they were coming from, and, after a while, everyone finally realized it was me. Now, it’s fairly well-known that I almost always have a bag of googly-eyes on me, just in case.

More recently, a table was brought to work with one drawer, which had no purpose and remained empty. I often open this drawer to check, and I’m always disappointed that it’s still empty. So, it was joked that I would put something in there with googly eyes. I tend to follow through on these types of jokes, so I drew a bird, added googly-eyes, and he lives in that otherwise empty drawer now.

Then, I drew some more birds, 7 in total, added googly-eyes, and hid them around the employee-only areas at work. And then we played a game. First to find all 7 wins. It took a few days for someone to find them all, and they’re still hanging around the place. It was something fun to lighten the mood when we had a bit of downtime. I’m working on something else to hide next with googly-eyes.