Hobbies for Hire

It doesn’t seem like anyone has hobbies anymore. Everything’s a side hustle.

I’m always surprised to learn someone has a random side business. I’m always more surprised when people tell me I should turn something I create into a side business. It’s become increasingly common to have a side hustle. To try to turn a craft into a main source of income. It seems like everyone’s abandoning hobbies for this purpose.

Plenty of people have spent their whole lives coming up with ideas and trying to turn a profit off of them. And that’s become a much more mainstream way of operating over the years. Everyone’s looking to make a profit doing a variety of things. Or trying to jumpstart a newer, untraditional career. I’m just not wired that way. I like trying things. I’m a creator, and I love numbers, and I love marketing, but not when I’m marketing myself. I love doing all the backend work, but when it comes to valuing it and promoting myself, that’s where I tend to bow out.

It’s an interesting subject to me. Pursuing a creative career. Or simply making a little extra off of something you like creating anyway. I’ve watched a lot of people make it, a lot more try to make it, and even some people make it then step down because the business load took over the original passion that started that business.

When a passion grows into a real business. At what point does it stop being fun and start to just be work? Or does it even have to end up that way? It’s smart to diversify your income, but it’s a lot of work too.