The Crime is Murder by Helen Nielsen

The Crime is Murder
by Helen Nielsen

Everyone assumes Lisa Bancroft came to Bellville to write her next book about local legend Martin Cornish, but Bancroft becomes interested in the rumored curse that follows his daughter Marta.

This was a much lighter murder mystery than the typical edge-of-your-seat, suspense-filled thrillers. The book opens with the discovery of a murder, and goes back to the beginning of the tale, ending, once again, with that murder. I liked that this was a more casual mystery read. It managed to be a bit more low key while still being interesting.

The majority of the story and intrigue unfolds in what seems to be idle small-town gossip, but everything falls together to unveil a more sinister background. While the murderer was not a surprise to me, there was a big reveal at the end that I never would have guessed. The suspects and clues were a bit all over the place, and I’m not sure everything fell so neatly together in my opinion as it should have, but overall I enjoyed reading this. Another mystery author I’d like to read more from when I get through more of my physical TBR.