The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

The Lies of Locke Lamora
by Scott Lynch

The Gentlemen Bastards regularly break the Secret Peace by stealing from nobility and guards, and getting away with it. Locke Lamora became known as The Thorn of Camorr through these cons, and a number of rumors not spread by himself, and eventually finds himself in the eyes of the underworld’s vying leaders.

I read some of this in the physical book, but I listened to most of the story via audiobook. While I thought the audiobook was very well narrated, I wish I had read the physical book all the way through. My mind tends to wander, especially recently, and I think I would have loved this even more had I given it more attention to truly appreciate all the details. Although I would definitely recommend this book in either format.

Set in a well developed world, without overexplaining everything, with a wonderfully clever cast of criminals aiming to either take over the underworld or fly under the radar forever, there was so much about this story that I enjoyed. I’ve always enjoyed a good heist story, with the likable, witty criminals just trying to score big, until some complication challenges their ability to out plot their opposition and survive by thinking on their feet. While this isn’t a heist story, there are some clever cons and a lot of witty thinking on their feet by the main characters, who didn’t always have everything figured out, with just enough banter to tone down the criminal underworld into something more appealing than it should be.