Collect or Declutter

There’s something so appealing about the idea of having a full library in your home. Walls covered, floor to ceiling in books. Rolling around on an attached ladder just to see what’s on the top shelves. I love libraries, why wouldn’t I want to live inside of one?

There’s also something so silly about the idea of owning so many books you’ve never read and probably will never have time to read. Or books that you have read but didn’t really like that much, or at all. And that’s the more practical minimalist inside of me keeping me from my home library dreams. Also, moving. If you’ve ever moved house, or just re-organized your shelves, you know how heavy books are.

The older I get, the more I value having books I’ve read and enjoyed on my bookcase. When I peruse my shelves, I like seeing books I like, and not ones I don’t. I want to have a curated selection of books I love, that all make me happy. Maybe one day when I have a forever home, I’ll suppress my inner minimalist and start the home library of my dreams. Until then, I confine myself to a single bookcase. But it’s a nice bookcase.

Are you a collector or a declutter-er?