Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

by Brandon Sanderson

Kelsier escapes from the Lord Ruler’s prison and gathers a crew to take down the empire. Vin, a young Mistborn, becomes an integral member as she learns to use her great power.

I liked this a lot. I initially thought Kelsier was the main character of his series but, while he does play a major role throughout the novel, Vin is our leading lady. The orphan thief turns proper lady as she becomes a spy for the rebellion and discovers the extensive range of her powers. The experienced crew teach her the power of friendship as they work to defeat the Lord Ruler and break down the social divide between the nobility and the skaa, and she finds an unexpected romance.

I quite like stories with some sort of long con, as well as the etiquette of fictional nobility as they ally with and deceive one another. I enjoyed the cast of characters, all with pasts as complicated as their present roles. Hardly anyone is who they seem as the social games advance, with spies, informants, and Mistings all mixed into the nobility and staff. The plan falls apart and changes as the story progresses. The romance is charmingly lowkey and slow burning, which is just how I like my romance.

My only real complaint about this novel is the amount of explanation that happens, especially in the beginning. It’s made to feel slightly less info-dumpy because the other characters are teaching Vin about allomancy and politics, but it’s still pretty info-dumpy where it comes to the magic system. I did quite like the magic system and the mechanics of it though, and I think the details of it would have been difficult to get without the explanations, I just wish it had been spread out a bit more.

Overall, I liked this, and I’ll definitely be adding the sequel to my TBR.