A Little Update

It’s been kind of quiet over here recently, but behind the scenes there have been some big changes. So, let’s catch up.

Online, I’ve been cleaning up my digital spaces. Making updates and removing a bunch of old content.
Offline, I finished the latest draft of my manuscript, caught up with some friends and family, and left my job.

I’ve spent nearly three years balancing work with a bunch of creative endeavors and quietly coping with a number of significant losses. It felt like I was working three jobs, and I only recently accepted how burnt out I had become, and that I was finally in a position to take one of those things off of my plate. I’m learning to slow down, something I never thought I’d be able to do, and focus on taking care of myself and creating things I love.

How does that affect the blog? The break’s over, and I still want to share the things I’m working on, but a little differently. I think it’s pretty obvious my goals have gotten rather redundant lately. So, this is going to be my last goal-style post, at least for the foreseeable future. I’ve more or less narrowed down the things I want to be spending my time and energy on, and it’s a bit silly to keep reminding you every month that I’m still working on the same big projects. Mostly, right now, I’m working on my novel, making new art, and chipping away at my tbr mountain. But you already knew that.

For some closure, let’s wrap up last month’s goals:

  • Finish EoF revisions – After many months, I finally finished my revisions. My manuscript is now in the hands of my lovely beta readers. It’s a strange thing to not have to work on revisions every day. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to do once those copies are sent back to me, but until then, I’m trying to enjoy the break from revising.
  • Draw some birds – I’m still playing around with pastels, but I’ve gotten back into digital painting. I’ve drawn a few birds, and also dinosaurs. Having more time to draw again has been nice, and it’s given me some ideas for new art projects that I’d like to try out
  • Try calligraphy – I’ll get around to it

Moving forward, I’m still going to be working on EoF, drawing birds and dinosaurs, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I’ll still be reviewing books on Mondays, trying to finish a book every week again, until my shelves are filled only with books I’ve read. I’ll also continue filling you in on whatever crafts I’ve been trying or writing topics I’ve been learning about on Wednesdays, but this might get a bit more sporadic. I’ll share things as I have them, and I’ll hopefully have them often, but I’m cutting out the fluff. Quality over quantity, right?

If you want more art and tiny updates between posts, catch me on twitter.

Thanks for being here. See you on Monday.