All Systems Red by Martha Wells

All Systems Red
by Martha Wells

A team of scientists and their Company supplied Security Unit, a droid that has hacked its governor module and refers to itself internally as ‘Murberbot’, find trouble when they travel to check on a neighboring mission.

Told from the perspective of Murderbot, the droid that feels compelled to keep its humans alive, even though it dislikes humans and would much rather be watching television. While I’ve seen other defective, self-aware droids in sci-fi before, this one is a unique and captivating take on that idea. As a novella, this one is a quick read, but as a story, this gives a complete world to learn about and a small, interesting cast of characters, Murderbot especially.

An exploration of who Murderbot really is, outside of being a Company-programmed Security Unit, torn between helping its humans or letting them die, while at risk of losing its autonomy, I really enjoyed this quirky sci-fi and am looking forward to reading the next one in the series.