Rogue Protocol by Martha Wells

Rogue Protocol
by Martha Wells

Murderbot becomes a security consultant to investigate a terraforming facility abandoned by GrayCris.

Following Artificial Condition in the Murderbot Diaries series, I enjoyed this one more. Starting once again with some transport, Murderbot takes less time to get involved with the people aboard, reluctantly becoming the mediator in all their needless human drama. It’s ultimately not significant to the main plot, but more interesting than the travel of the previous book, and a good show of how Murderbot is adapting to being on its own and trying to fit in.

Arriving at its destination, Murderbot shifts its identity from security consultant Rin, to the SecUnit of security consultant Rin. It joins another group of humans, some honest and well-intentioned, and some not so much. The shady business being performed by GrayCris is uncovered some more, Murderbot sees an unfamiliar relationship between humans and a bot, and there’s more hacking and fighting. There’s a good amount of development across the board with this story, and I’ll be moving on to the next novella soon.