Exit Strategy by Martha Wells

Exit Strategy
by Martha Wells

Murderbot returns to rescue its original owner, Dr. Mensah, from danger.

I enjoyed this, but also it was my least favorite of the Murderbot Diaries so far. Mostly I think that is because I read the four novellas basically back to back. There are enough differences and character and plot progression throughout the series as a whole that I still liked this story, and it definitely added to the world of Murderbot, but, at the same time, reading the series straight through took some of the excitement out of it for me.

Murderbot continues learning to blend in with humans as it returns to Dr. Mensah and the crew from All Systems Red. It struggles to sort out its feelings toward the human, while trying hard to ignore them. The shady business of the Company gets shadier, the relationships between Murderbot and the humans it has helped continue to develop, and the freedom Murderbot seeks may finally be attainable.

Overall, this was a great continuation of Murderbot’s story and conclusion to the journey for freedom and purpose that the SecUnit has been on throughout the four novellas.