Network Effect by Martha Wells

Network Effect
by Martha Wells

Murderbot joins another research expedition, this time with Dr. Mensah’s daughter, and finds an old friend in trouble.

Continuing on Murderbot’s journey as a hacked SecUnit trying to find its place in the universe, this is the first novel length installment in the Murderbot Diaries. Slightly less anti-social and more devotedly loyal than ever, Murderbot struggles with its feelings and it saves and is saved by friends, both new and old.

Although these stories follow similar setups each time, rogue SecUnit assists research crew on an expedition, something hostile goes wrong, Murderbot springs into action and unfortunately makes friends in the process, I still enjoy each of them. I like that they’re continuous, so Muderbot’s developments and relationships continue as the series goes on. It’s smart and capable, but not unstoppable. It’s a familiar setup with new layers added on each time.

The latest installment was released this year, another novella taking place after Exit Strategy, but before this story. I’m definitely going to read it, but I think I’m going to take a little Murderbot break and enjoy some other worlds for a bit.