September Update | 2021

Hi friends! I have something exciting to share. We bought a house! It was a long process, but we found a home we love in the end. It is, however, an old house, so all of my time and energy got redirected last month into getting it ready to be moved into, then moving into it. Although the house is still a work in progress, and I have a long to-do list every day, I’ve slowed down enough that I can finally think about reading and writing and general creating once more.

In art, I haven’t done a whole lot, but I recently set up my desk in a temporary spot, so I’m excited to get back into painting and drawing. I’ve been sewing recently, mostly curtains, and I’ve had an idea for a wood burning project that maybe I’ll finally have time to start on soon.

In writing, I have all of my beta reader notes from the manuscript I’ve been working on, and I’m thrilled with the feed back and ideas my readers gave me. I’m looking forward to returning to revisions and fine-tuning that novel for the next step of its journey to completion.

In reading, I realized I had finished a book just as the move was beginning and never wrote the review for it, so that finally went up on Monday, you can find it here. I also got a much anticipated book from the library that I’m now reading. All my books are still in boxes, but I’ll be pulling them out to keep working through that long TBR list.

I’ve missed reading, and creating, and doing basically anything outside of housework. Although I am still very excited about the progress we’re making on settling into the house.

I hope you’re well, and I’ll see you again next week.