October Update | 2021

My daily to-do lists are gradually transitioning from being entirely housework to having a bit of writing and drawing on them. Bit by bit I’m wrapping up house projects and replacing them with creative projects that I haven’t had any time for the past couple months. It’s a slow change, but a much welcome one.

This week I’ve started revising my manuscript again. The official third draft is in the works. It’s such a different phase in creating this story, utilizing the feedback I got from my beta readers and the ideas I’ve had since distancing myself from writing it for a time. It’s so nice to be back in the world I created with all the characters I’ve missed.

I’ve also started painting something other than walls again. I’ve got a bunch of drawings planned for this month, a little variety of portraits, landscapes, and animals. It’s been so long since I’ve worked on a painting and I’m definitely excited to be creating art again.

I’m still working on getting reading back into my routine. I pick up books here and there whenever I can, but it’s still not quite a consistent thing that I’m able to do at the moment. I’m hoping over the course of this month I can get in a lot more reading time.