Retaining What You Read

You know how sometimes you read a few paragraphs, or maybe a few pages, then realize you don’t remember what you just read and have to go back and re-read it all? The other day I did that with almost an entire book.

I was constantly realizing my mind had wandered onto something else, while I continued through the chapters anyway. So, I refocused, sorted out what was happening in the story as best I could, and carried on, only to have my mind wander again shortly after returning to reading.

Although I don’t think this book is going to end up on my favorites list, I also don’t think it’s a bad book. Not that I would know, since I couldn’t pay attention to anything while I was trying to read it. In any case, it deserves to have at least the majority of my attention while I read it. So, I stopped reading, and decided I would start it again from the beginning.

Sometimes when you have a lot on your mind, a book is a great escape. Other times, there is too much on your mind, and even a good book can’t save you. I think I still have too many ongoing projects to work on before I can really enjoy a full book. Maybe next week.


2 thoughts on “Retaining What You Read

    1. I used to be able to, but the older I’ve gotten, the harder it’s become! I’m hoping to figure out the secret again, but until then, it’s a good motivator to finish all my chores lol


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