The Last Little Blue Envelope by Maureen Johnson

The Last Little Blue Envelope
by Maureen Johnson

Ginny Blackstone returns to Europe to finish her adventure after a boy from London finds her backpack and the final envelope.

The sequel to 13 Little Blue Envelopes reveals the contents of the last letter in a similar Europe trip to the first book, but with fewer locations and more crime. In another quick read, Ginny finally gets to finish the journey her Aunt Peg started her on the first time she went to Europe. With some familiar faces, and a couple new ones, the smaller cast of characters who are present throughout the entire story allow them to be more developed than the many passing faces we saw in the first book.

Although this was still a light travel story that was similar to the first book, I enjoyed this one more. The basic setup is the same, and Ginny continues to have some questionable judgment, but, even with only one envelope leading the way, Ginny and her travel companions go on quite the adventure. Everything comes together once again at the end, this time more literally, with some sentimental moments and further subtle growth in Ginny.

If you enjoyed 13 Little Blue Envelopes, I’d definitely recommend picking up this sequel.