Debris by Kurtis Wiebe and Riley Rossmo

by Kurtis Wiebe and Riley Rossmo

In a ruined Earth, the remaining humans are attacked by Colossals and left without water. In an effort to save them, Maya sets out in search of a new water source.

This is a short, post-apocalyptic story about a woman risking herself to save her people when their situation becomes even more desperate. Because of its length, there isn’t a whole lot of backstory or character growth, but there is enough given that the world feels complete and the characters have relationships with one another and their own motivations for their actions. I wish we had a little more background on the world, the Colossals, and how the Protectors are chosen, but there was enough given that it wasn’t confusing.

I loved the art, and it’s rather colorful for the genre. I enjoyed following along on Maya’s journey as she travels to find a destination that may not exist and battles a variety of mechanical creatures on the way. This was a great post-apocalyptic story with a lot of action and an interesting journey.