Dark Run by Mike Brooks

Dark Run
by Mike Brooks

The crew of the Keiko never talk about their pasts, until Captain Ichabod Drift’s catches up to him when he’s blackmailed into making a secret delivery to Earth.

While I certainly don’t think this is a bad book, I just never got invested in it. After passing the halfway mark and still not feeling thrilled to pick it up again each time I put it down, I decided it was time to call it quits. I did enjoy it when I was reading it, but with so many other books on my TBR, I’d really rather spend my reading time on a book I’m excited to get back to.

The concept is really cool. A diverse space crew sent on a shady job that forces all their questionable pasts to catch up to them. With a fairly large crew, all introduced essential at the same time, it took me about half of the book to figure out who was who. The focus shifted around to certain characters while glossing over others, although the captain is the center of this adventure. The world is extensive and thoroughly explained.

Definitely an interesting sci-fi read, but this one just didn’t click for me.