Reading, In Multiples

When I was young, I usually had at least three books on the go at any given time. I would read whichever one I was in the mood for, and switch books when I finished a chapter if the mood struck. I didn’t have any problem keeping track of what was going on in each book, and I finished a lot of books this way. When I finished one of the books in my rotation, I started another to fill in the space.

Then, as an adult, I started reading one book at a time. Occasionally I would zip through a book if it hooked me, but other times a book would come along that didn’t grip me and my pace would slow, a lot. Enter the reading slump.

Recently, I started reading multiple books at a time again. And I get so much more reading done. If I love a book I’m reading, I’ll favor it and finish it quickly. But, if I’m enjoying a book that’s taking me longer to read, I avoid the slump by having the option to pick up something else that I move through more quickly. Always making progress at various speeds and keeping my mind happy by having a variety of things to focus on depending on how I feel.

Do you read multiple books simultaneously or one book at a time?