February Update | 2022

It’s the shortest month of the year, but I’m going to try to make the most of it and be just as productive as the longer months. It was nice to finally have something of a break last month and re-charge a bit finally, but I still got a good amount done and I’m ready to cross some more items off my lists this month.


I’ve been reading multiple books at a time again, and I don’t know why I ever stopped doing this. I’m getting through more books now, which is great because I’ve got a lot of longer books in front of me and I’d rather not take a month to read each one. I’m also trying out something of a reading journal to try to keep my thoughts about everything I’m reading organized better.

I’m liking the new review setup, with no stars and a spoiler section when I feel like delving into specifics about the book. I’m still trying to keep the main review fairly concise, since I don’t always like reading long reviews myself. But, it’s nice to have the added space at the end for anything I want to ramble about that may be a spoiler or just too rambly for anyone else to care about.


I did not finish draft three before my birthday, so I’m still working my way through it. I find myself getting hung up on details again. Every time I think I’ve got a section finalized and begin on the next one, I start thinking ‘but what if I did this instead?’ and then back instead of forward. I need to just do a section, let it be what it is, and move on.


I’m still painting, still playing around with colors and textures, but I haven’t finished anything that I’ve been super happy with. I have a difficult time selecting colors I’m happy with once they’re all put together, so I’m going to try some palette generators and play around with whatever colors they give me. Hopefully that will get me going in the right direction.

There’s a lot of snow on the ground these days, and plenty to do inside around here.