Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb

Assassin’s Quest
The Farseer Trilogy, book 3
by Robin Hobb

After being revived, Fitz sets out to find Verity and save the kingdom with only Nighteyes at his side.

This is the third book in a series, so, spoilers abound.

The story starts off strong, picking up where Royal Assassin ended, then spends a while developing the now changed relationship between Fitz and Nighteyes. Fitz, now a fugitive, needs to learn to be human again after his time fully bonded and hiding out with Nighteyes. While the previous two books are slow paced, the first half of this one was even slower. I think the time spent on this relationship and Fitz figuring out what he needs to do was interesting, however it wasn’t exactly thrilling to read. There’s a lot of development happening, but things don’t get exciting again for a while.

Fitz picks up a couple of human companions, new characters to the series, and reunites with the Fool. I love the interactions between the Fool and Fitz with Nighteyes. The expansion of the pack. We learn a lot about the Fool during these interactions, as well as the Wit, and eventually Verity and the Skill. It was nice to get to know more about these characters, the way the magic works, and the full potential of the magic in this world.

Although the first half of the book was slower than I would have liked, I don’t think it was surprising given the pacing of the other two books. I also think the development that happens, along with the ending, made up for having to wait to get to all the action. I liked the new characters, I loved getting to see more of some of my favorite characters, and I liked the glimpse into ‘present day’ Fitz at the end.