Solutions and Other Problems by Allie Brosh

Solutions and Other Problems
by Allie Brosh

An illustrated collection of childhood anecdotes and adulthood reflections.

A friend of mine sent me this book following a few teaser pictures to whet my appetite for what was deemed “10,000%” my humor, assuming I would love it (I did). He also kindly provided a content warning that a portion of chapter 10 describes loss of a sibling. So now you have that warning in case it also applies to you. There is also a page prior to any serious content within the book boldly declaring that the serious content is about to happen, which extends beyond loss of a sibling.

I never read Hyperbole and a Half, so didn’t know anything about this book or the content style beyond the few pictures that were sent to me by my friend. I imagine I’ll seek that book out at some point in the future.

This is a quick read for such a large book, in part because of all the images, but also because it’s well-written. Allie Brosh beautifully and comically describes otherwise ordinary things in a way that makes them both entertaining and relatable. I loved the combination of writing and drawings, the art added an extra layer to the text, elevating the tales being told.

Some of the stories are absolutely chaotic, particularly the childhood moments, but there are some great thoughts and insights among all the nonsense. I loved the sense of humor applied to all the anecdotes and the honest reflections on the points of life that are typically a bit harder to accept, without bringing the mood down too far. I loved the intentionally crude looking characters alongside the more normal looking people, and the depictions of the many animals within.

Definitely recommend this as a peculiar sort of half-comic half-memoir, with a bit of life and a lot of laughs.