March Update | 2022

We got a few warm days, which was great since I’ve been wanting to spend more time outdoors, but it’s cold again. My to-do list has been filling back up already. It seems like every time I cross an item off, another one is waiting to get added in its place. It’s too cold to do half of my tasks, but I’m picking away at it as best I can when the weather allows.


I’ve gradually made the transition from reading only physical books to mostly audiobooks. I used to only listen to them in the car when I commuted, but I’ve started listening to them when I’m doing chores around the house or playing a more casual video game. It’s nice for me to have something audio going when I’m doing certain things, and it helps me get a lot more reading time in. It’s also been difficult for me to sit down and focus on a physical book every day. I’ve been a bit better about it recently, but I may try putting on some non-distracting music while I read to keep my ears occupied. Maybe it’ll help, maybe it’ll make me more distracted. We’ll see.


I’m still working on draft three. I’m making real progress finally, but I think looking at the manuscript as a whole and knowing how much work the entire thing needs is what’s been overwhelming me and causing me to stall. When I just focus on one scene and move through the manuscript one paragraph at a time, I get a lot done. So, as long as I can stick to it and avoid zooming out and seeing all the words I’ve yet to write, I’ll keep making good progress and finish one day.


I’m still playing around with generated palettes and having fun, but I don’t think I’m actually learning anything about color yet. I understand the basics of colors, so I think it’s a case of practice makes perfect.

I’m also touching up some paintings I did a while back to make them look cleaner and adding more details. And I have this crazy paint by number canvas I received as a gift. It’s really cool, but also has lots of tiny details, so I’m going to keep chipping away at that when I have time.


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  1. I used to resist audiobooks too, but they’ve been a great addition to the chores, and now I’m on a 50/50 split between that and actual reading. Great way to add more ‘reading’ time to the day, that’s for sure. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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