April Update | 2022

Spring is here. It’s getting warmer, the birds are out more, and all the plants are getting ready to bloom. I personally love spring, even though the pollen has begun bothering me more now that I’m older, and am looking forward to warmer days and spending more time outside.


I finished a few books I enjoyed last month, and I’ve got a small pile that migrates around the house with me. I’m keeping a mix of audio and physical books on hand, as well as trying to mix up my genres so I can sort of pick and choose what I’m in the mood for. If something’s not holding my attention, I have some easy options available to avoid risking a reading slump.


I hardly wrote at all last month, and honestly it was wonderful. I was so burnt out on revisions, it really helped to not put any pressure on myself to get words down. I’m excited to get back to it. I find myself wanting to work on my manuscript, thinking about my story while I’m doing other things, and I also made a list of some fun posts write.


I love editing videos, but I rarely do it anymore since I don’t love being on camera. But I did edit a little something recently for a silly idea I had a while ago. It wasn’t for anything, I just tweeted it for a laugh.

Unfortunately, I found out that most of the paints that came with the paint by number canvas I was working on were all dried up. I’m going to try to re-hydrate them, so hopefully they can be saved and I can finish. If not, I may have to mix a lot of colors on my own.

Other Things

We trimmed down all the overgrown hedges around the house! They were huge, and now they’re less huge. Next year they’ll be even smaller, but we didn’t want to go too aggressive and shock them. This is probably not interesting, but I’m thrilled about it.

Perhaps more interestingly, we just got back from a road trip. We couldn’t pick a single destination, so instead we went to 6 different states, spending a night in each one. It was a lot of fun. We ate a lot of delicious food, saw a lot of beautiful sights, and drove underneath the ocean, which still doesn’t seem like it should be a real thing, but it is.


2 thoughts on “April Update | 2022

  1. That’s awesome that you are now feeling the desire to write once more. That’s always a good thing. It’s interesting what a break does to different people. I myself would end up being more inert after a break, so I try to maintain my routine. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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    1. I keep trying to get a routine, but I tend to overestimate how much I can write in a day, then overextend myself until I need a break. One day I’ll figure out something more sustainable for myself.


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