Teckla by Steven Brust

Adventures of Vlad Taltos, book 3
by Steven Brust

Vlad finds himself involved in the middle of a dispute between a Jhereg boss and an Easterner revolutionary.

The beginning of this book took a little work for me to get into. There’s a lot of political stress, idealism, and history involved in the plot of this book. While it’s all interesting, and ultimately important to the story, I found it to be rather slow moving, at least up front. However, it is written rather concisely, and once things get moving though, things really get moving. There’s a lot of action, a lot of intrigue, and plenty at stake for Vlad.

Now successful and established, Vlad is growing unsure of himself, not only in this dangerous situation he’s found himself in, but also in his occupation and his relationship. It was interesting to see the strain that has developed between Vlad and Cawti in this book, after seeing how they fell in love in the previous installment. I enjoyed this book, and I’ll likely continue with this series at some point in the future. The books don’t rely heavily upon one another to make sense individually, so that’s nice to not feel like I might forget where I left off if I don’t pick up the next one soon.