Speed Reading

With so many books out in the world, and only so much time to actually read them, speed reading has a bit of appeal. I am not a fast reader, and I envy those who can zip through a lengthy tome every few days. The closest I get to speed reading is listening to audiobooks on 2x speed. So fast.

The thing about speed reading that doesn’t appeal to me is once you’ve reached a certain speed, you’re just skimming. You miss all the subtle descriptions, the feelings, the immersion, and only get the main idea of what happens. It’s like finding the abridged version inside of the full version. And I want the full version at an abridged version pace. I want the unobtainable.

I think what I’d really like is to improve my reading speed to the highest point of still enjoying and comprehending everything on the page, but just shy of actual speed reading. To get the full experience of the novel and make sure I’m not missing anything good.

Are you a speed reader?