Top Five Snacks for Reading

I’m generally not a big snack eater, and even less so while I’m reading. Most snacks are finger foods, and I don’t like having food on my fingers while I’m holding a book for fear of getting those precious pages oily or wet. Usually if I’m going to sit down with a snack and a book, I eat the snack then start reading as soon as I’m finished.

The exception here is when I’m listening to an audio book. With audio books, I’ll eat while I read, as long as it’s not something crunchy that will make the book hard to hear. That being said, when I do grab a snack and a book, these are some of my favorite snacks to have:

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Mandarin oranges

I bought a bag of these recently, and they’re so delicious. It’s easy to peel them and separate the segments, so there’s essentially no mess or risk of squeezing juice onto a page when you grab a piece.

Apple slices

I started slicing my apples whenever I have one, even if I’m not spreading peanut butter on them. It’s just easier to eat than having to hold the whole apple until you’re finished. And if you’re sitting down to read, it’s easier to turn a page with two hands than one, at least for me.

Goldfish crackers

Original flavor Goldfish crackers are one of my favorite salty treats. They’re simple, they’re yummy, and they’re adorable.

Cheese and crackers

When I need something a little more filling to satisfy me, I love cheese and crackers. I’m partial to cheddar for snacking, especially with my usual plain flavored crackers, but sometimes I opt for a milder cheese with an herb flavored cracker for something more exciting.

Dried fruit

And for something especially sweet, I love dried mango and pineapple. Other dried fruit are great too, but those are my favorites to have when I’ve got a sweet tooth.

Those are my five favorite snacks for reading (or just for general snacking). Nothing too exciting, but hopefully you think these sound as delicious as I do!

What’s your favorite snack?


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  1. Hi there!! Welcome to Top 5 Tuesday!! Your snacks are definitely way more healthier than mine… 😅 Dried fruit and apple and mandarin are delicious. I’m a big fan of dried apricots. And CHEESE!! 💕 Hope you had fun with this topic!! 🤤

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